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DreambuilderFX - Complete yet proven trading strategy to make money consistently


Dreambuilder FX is Automated Trading Software that has proven to be revolutionary in the FOREX trading market. The researchers, traders and programmers responsible for Dreambuilder achieved near perfection in this seamless integration of the mathematical and technical analysis concepts of FOREX trading into an easy-to-use and intuitive software that places the most effective knowledge and expertise at your fingertips. While this trading system is incredibly complex, it is also highly effective, profitable and affordable. In fact, this software package is such an indispensable tool that I use all its components regularly when trading our clients’ accounts.

Dreambuilder Account Performance

Dreambuilder FX is perfectly compatible with MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and installs easily into the MT4 trading platform, placing you in contact with an Expert Advisor, since there are over one hundred brokers whose platform of choice is MT4.

Imagine what this means to you, the trader ?

How can Dreambuilder FX be of benefit to YOU?

Many other FOREX trading programs or so-called expert advisor providers exist on the web. Why is Dreambuilder FX so special? Because Dreambuilder stands a cut above the rest! Most of the other programs are limited in the resources they appropriate, using only a back testing or demo account. Very few can be used on live account.

Here at Forex Hope, we use a real live trading account with $50,000 as our trading performance gauge

Our system provides the complete package with a revolutionary trading approach that can turn even beginning traders into money-making machines in a matter of hours. Whether you seek a new career as trader, are looking for a way to supplement your income via short term trading or just you simply want to be one step ahead of the trading game and on the marketís good side, Dreambuilder FX trading is the solution you have been looking for.

How DreambuilderFX works ?

The main strategy behind DTS-1 is Pyramiding (used by PointBreak5 which has produced very good returns in trending markets, but produces temporary drawdown in sideways/choppy markets), combined with several new techniques that make some adjustments when the market changes (from trending market to choppy/sideways market).

DreambuilderFX Trading System Characteristic

  • Currently trade only in EURUSD
  • Small trades are continuously added above and below the opening position.
  • The system will pyramiding, hedging or closing some positions depends which way the market moves.
  • All trades are closed only when a net profit is reached and added to your account balance.
  • Built in money management will automatically calculate the correct position size for your risk level.
  • Can use as a full automatic trading system or use it to create your own trading system.
  • New Inverted, Contrarian, Breakout Technique as the part of Repair Algorithm
  • Works in most market condition.
  • Less drawdown period compared to PB5
  • Can be run in 4 digits or 5 digits broker

See below picture to see how DTS works in most market condition:

Requirement for Dreambuilder Trading System:

  • Metatrader 4 from preferred broker
  • Operating System WindowsXP / Vista
  • Processor with P4 or compatible with at least 256Mb Ram

Starting Capital and Broker

This list of starting capital and broker based on conservative (the safety & recommended) setting.

  • InterbankFX , min. $1000 (from mini account)
  • FXDD , min. $10.000
  • Alpari, min $10.000
  • MIGFX, min $10.000
  • FXPRO, min $100.000


  • DTS currently not detect your leverage level. So having 1:100, 1:200 make no difference by DTS money management calculation. So having a large leverage just means have more buffer, no impact on lot sizes, etc...
  • It currently optimize on USD Based trading account. It's not detect (or convert to) other than USD based trading account.
*) For the best usage (as we use right now) is on FXDD and Interbank FX. because DTS build and tested in those broker platform. But we don't find any incompatibility if DTS run in different broker as long as their rules for naming EURUSD pair still the same.


Technical Report & Live Statement for Dreambuilder DTS-1

Here is the technical report & live statement for this trading system in action. The report includes a detailed comparison between PointBreak 5.0 and DTS-1, more graphs/details on how it deals with various market conditions and how it performed at various times within 2008.

<<-- Dreambuilder-FX Technical Report -->>

<<-- Dreambuilder-FX Live Statement -->>


How DreambuilderFX compare with Pointbreak 5 ?

The main focus of DreambuilderFX is to solves the drawdown of PB5 in choppy/sideways and reversal markets. It also reduces the maximum drawdown period of PB5 from 5 months into 2 months (based on Jun 2004 - Aug 2008 data history).

Trading Technique

  • Pyramiding Technique
  • Moving Starting Point (MSP) Technique
  • Inverted Technique
  • Contrarian Technique
  • Breakout/Breakthrough Technique
  • Pyramiding Technique
  • Moving Starting Point (MSP) Technique

Best Performance

Trending Market

Trending Market

Worst Market

DTS-1 works in every market condition

Choppy Market

Sideways Market

Reversal Market

Drawdown Period

2 months maximum

3-5 months depending how long the choppy/sideways market continues

Comparison Based on 4 years back testing on DTS-1 & PB5 (Jun 2004 - Sep 2008):

C-Cycle Number Running together

4 C-cycles (with B-cycle, I-cycle and R-cycle running)

2 C-cycles only

SP Distance

50 pips

100 pips

Watermark Calculation
  • No need for watermark calculation.
  • Each C-cycle works separately producing bigger profit.
  • The watermark calculation always needs to be turned ON to avoid longer drawdown.
  • This results in PB5 closing all remaining open positions as soon as the equity increases.

Drawdown Period

2 months maximum

3-5 months depending
how long the choppy/sideways market continues.

Maximum Drawdown:



Compounded Return:



Does this mean Pointbreak will discontinue ?

Although DTS-1 is better than PB5 in performance and risk factor,those EA now behave differently. We will continue to optimize PB5 using C-Cycle / M-Cycle and re-release PB5 with some improvements every 2-3 months.

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