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    Ft1 The Name Luther Assumed While In The Wartburg.

    Ft2 Luther In Coburg Castle.

    Ft3 Luther In Coburg Castle.

    Ft4 Taulerís Higher Life.

    Ft5 Probably The Famous Professor Of Medicine, Who Flourished At Frederickís Court. ĖTRANSLATOR.

    Ft6 Cardinal Cajetan.

    Ft7 Professor In Ingolstadt.

    Ft8 Professor In Wittenberg.

    Ft9 Luther Still Professes To Be A Son Of The Church, Whose Yoke He Soon After Throws Off.

    Ft10 Expounded By Luther, And Dedicated To The Elector.

    Ft11 Exposition Of Paulís Epistle To The Galatians.

    Ft11a Melanchthon.

    Ft12 Luther Left Worms Secretly On April 26.

    Ft13 Luther Alludes To Their Joy At Christís Death On Good Friday.

    Ft14 A Canon In The Schloss Church In Wittenberg.

    Ft15 That Signed By The Emperor At Worms.

    Ft16 Herzog George, Lutherís Enemy.

    Ft17 On The Margin Is Herzog George.

    Ft18 Elector Of Brandenburg.

    Ft19 It Arrived December 21; A Conciliatory Letter.

    FTA1 His Printer. See P. 83.

    FTA2 Bugenhagen.

    FTA3 At First Bugenhagen Lectured For Nothing In His Own House.

    FTA4 Not To Be Found.

    FTA5 Erasmusís Defense Against Von Huttenís Challenge.

    FTA6 Spalatin Married The Following Year.

    FTA7 A Warm Friend Of The Reformation.

    FTA8 A Bookseller In Pesth Was Burned With His Books In 1524.

    FTA9 The Plague Came The Next Year.

    FTA10 University.

    FTA11 Amsdoff Was Rich.

    FTA12 Perhaps Under Zwingliís Supervision.

    FTA13 English Sickness.

    FTA14 Agricola.

    FTA15 The Sons Of Melanchthon And Jonas.

    FTA16 Katherine You Boraís Aunt, Who Lived With Them.

    FTA17 Hausmann.

    Ftb1 Bloss Und Nackt.

    Ftb2 Another Printer.

    Ftb3 His Nephew.

    Ftb4 Another Nephew.

    Ftb5 Not Found.

    Ftb6 Ferdinandís Election As King Of Rome And Administrator Of The Kingdom In Charlesís Absence.

    Ftb7 Cruciger.

    Ftb8 His Man-Servant.

    Ftb9 In Dessau.

    Ftb10 A Leipsic Bookseller.

    Ftb11 Herzog George.

    Ftb12 George Held.

    Ftb13 Paul Died 1593 In Leipsic. He Was A Lawyer.

    Ftb14 Schnepf And Blaurer, Two Reformed Theologians Of Wurtemburg, Who Had Leanings Towards Lutherís Views Of The Sacrament.

    Ftb15 Melanchthon?

    Ftb16 Spalatin.

    Ftb17 This Letter Was Written At Night.

    Ftb18 Written On Morning Of 27th.

    Ftb19 Vom Geknechteten Willen.

    Ftb20 Date Disputed, As It Seems Unlikely The Gospel Should Never Have Been Preached In This Saxon Village. In 1526 Or 1527 An Earnest Catholic Priest Preached The Gospel In Lower Rossla, So 1526 Is A More Probable Date.

    Ftb21 When Debtors Did Not Pay, It Was The Custom For Those Who Stood Bail To Live In The Inns Till The Debt Was Paid At The Debtorís Expense.

    Ftb22 Professor In Louvain.

    Ftb23 Once Tutor To King Ferdinandís Sons.

    Ftb24 Agricola.

    Ftb25 Cruciger.

    Ftb26 The Archbishop.

    Ftb27 Regensburg Interim.

    Ftb28 The Archbishop Of Mayence.

    Ftb29 Of Poland.

    Ftb30 Cruciger.

    Ftb31 Luther, On August 2, 1545, Ordained Prince George To The Bishopric Of Merseburg.

    Ftb32 Erfurt.

    Ftb33 Different Kinds Of Wine.

    Ftb34 A Conclusive Proof That They Spent Christmas In Schloss Mansfeld.


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