Word: IZLA

Pronounce: bil-tee'

Strong: H1115

Orig: constructive feminine of 1086 (equivalent to 1097); properly, a failure of, i.e. (used only as a negative particle, usually with a prepositional prefix) not, except, without, unless, besides, because not, until, etc.:--because un(satiable), beside, but, + continual, except, from, lest, neither, no more, none, not, nothing, save, that no, without. H1086 H1097

Use: TWOT-246i

Grk Strong: G512 G2527 G4133


    1) not, except

    2) not
    3) except (after preceding negation)

    4) except (after an implied or expressed negation)

    with prep
    5) so as not, in order not
    6) an account of not, because...not
    7) until not