Word: LRA

Pronounce: bah'-al

Strong: H1167

Orig: from 1166; a master; hence, a husband, or (figuratively) owner (often used with another noun in modifications of this latter sense):--+ archer, + babbler, + bird, captain, chief man, + confederate, + have to do, + dreamer, those to whom it is due, + furious, those that are given to it, great, + hairy, he that hath it, have, + horseman, husband, lord, man, + married, master, person, + sworn, they of. H1166

Use: TWOT-262a Noun Masculine

Grk Strong: G152 G272 G435 G444 G758 G896 G954 G1497 G1729 G2192 G2233 G2634 G2730 G2932 G2962 G4924 G5530

    1) owner, husband, lord
    1a) owner
    1b) a husband
    1c) citizens, inhabitants
    1d) rulers, lords
    1e) (noun of relationship used to characterise-ie, master of dreams)
    1f) lord (used of foreign gods)