Word: E@

Pronounce: o

Strong: H176

Orig: presumed to be the "constructive" or genitival form of -av \i av\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; short for 185; desire (and so probably in Prov. 31:4); hence (by way of alternative) or, also if:--also, and, either, if, at the least, X nor, or, otherwise, then, whether. H185

Use: TWOT-36

Grk Strong:

    1) or, rather
    1a) implying that the latter choice is preferred
    1b) or if, introducing an example to be seen under a particular principle
    1c) (in series) either...or, whether...or
    1d) if perchance
    1e) except, or else
    2) whether, not the least, if, otherwise, also, and, then