Word: @ED

Pronounce: hav-aw'

Strong: H1934

Orig: (Aramaic) orhavah (Aramaic) \i hav-aw'\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; corresponding to 1933; to exist; used in a great variety of applications (especially in connection with other words):--be, become, + behold, + came (to pass), + cease, + cleave, + consider, + do, + give, + have, + judge, + keep, + labour, + mingle (self), + put, + see, + seek, + set, + slay, + take heed, tremble, + walk, + would. H1933

Use: TWOT-2692 Verb

Grk Strong: G1013 G1096 G1776

    1) to come to pass, become, be
    1a) (P'al)
    1a1) to come to pass
    1a2) to come into being, arise, become, come to be
    1a2a) to let become known (with participle of knowing)
    1a3) to be