Word: DCI

Pronounce: yaw-daw'

Strong: H3034

Orig: a primitive root; used only as denominative from 3027; literally, to use (i.e. hold out) the hand; physically, to throw (a stone, an arrow) at or away; especially to revere or worship (with extended hands); intensively, to bemoan (by wringing the hands):--cast (out), (make) confess(-ion), praise, shoot, (give) thank(-ful, -s, -sgiving). H3027

Use: TWOT-847 Verb

Grk Strong: G133 G134 G437 G1834 G1843 G2007 G2127 G3670 G4316 G5214

    1) to throw, shoot, cast
    1a) (Qal) to shoot (arrows)
    1b) (Piel) to cast, cast down, throw down
    1c) (Hiphil)
    1c1) to give thanks, laud, praise
    1c2) to confess, confess (the name of God)
    1d) (Hithpael)
    1d1) to confess (sin)
    1d2) to give thanks