Word: CRI

Pronounce: yaw-ad'

Strong: H3259

Orig: a primitive root; to fix upon (by agreement or appointment); by implication, to meet (at a stated time), to summon (to trial), to direct (in a certain quarter or position), to engage (for marriage): -agree,(maxke an) appoint(-ment,a time), assemble (selves), betroth, gather (selves, together), meet (together), set (a time).

Use: TWOT-878 Verb

Grk Strong: G436 G1097 G1107 G1825 G2749 G2885 G4334 G4863 G4867 G4905 G4929 G5021

    1) to fix, appoint, assemble, meet, set, betroth
    1a)(Qal) to appoint, assign, designate
    1b) (Niphal)
    1b1) to meet
    1b2) to meet by appointment
    1b3) to gather, assemble by appointment
    1c) (Hiphil) to cause to meet
    1d) (Hophal) to be set, be placed before, be fixed