Word: AAL

Pronounce: law-bab'

Strong: H3823

Orig: a primitive root; properly, to be enclosed (as if with fat); by implication (as denominative from 3824) to unheart, i.e. (in a good sense) transport (with love), or (in a bad sense) stultify; also (as denominative from 3834) to make cakes:--make cakes, ravish, be wise. H3824 H3834

Use: TWOT-1071,1071d Verb

Grk Strong:

    1) to ravish, become intelligent, get a mind
    1a) (Niphal) to take heart, become enheartened, become intelligent
    1b) (Piel) to ravish the heart, encourage, make heart beat faster
    2) (Piel) to make cakes, bake cakes, cook bread