Word: DYRN

Pronounce: mah-as-eh'

Strong: H4639

Orig: from 6213; an action (good or bad); generally, a transaction; abstractly, activity; by implication, a product (specifically, a poem) or (generally) property:--act, art, + bakemeat, business, deed, do(-ing), labor, thing made, ware of making, occupation, thing offered, operation, possession, X well, ((handy-, needle-, net-))work(ing, - manship), wrought. H6213

Use: TWOT-1708a Noun Masculine

Grk Strong: G93 G2039 G2556 G2889 G3794 G4161 G4162 G4229 G5078

    1) deed, work
    1a) deed, thing done, act
    1b) work, labour
    1c) business, pursuit
    1d) undertaking, enterprise
    1e) achievement
    1f) deeds, works (of deliverance and judgment)
    1g) work, thing made
    1h) work (of God)
    1i) product