Word: CEP

Pronounce: nood

Strong: H5110

Orig: a primitive root; to nod, i.e. waver; figuratively, to wander, flee, disappear; also (from shaking the head in sympathy), to console, deplore, or (from tossing the head in scorn) taunt:--bemoan, flee, get, mourn, make to move, take pity, remove, shake, skip for joy, be sorry, vagabond, way, wandering.

Use: TWOT-1319 Verb

Grk Strong: G526 G1168 G2354 G2795 G3996 G4531 G4727

    1) to shake, waver, wander, move to and fro, flutter, show grief, have compassion on
    1a) (Qal)
    1a1) to move to and fro, wander (aimlessly), take flight
    1a2) to flutter
    1a3) to waver, wave, shake
    1a4) to show grief
    1a4a) to lament, condole, show sympathy
    1b) (Hiphil)
    1b1) to cause to wander (aimlessly)
    1b2) to make a wagging, wag (with the head)
    1c) (Hithpolel)
    1c1) to move oneself to and fro, sway, totter
    1c2) to shake oneself
    1c3) to bemoan oneself