Word: XRP

Pronounce: nah'-ar

Strong: H5288

Orig: from 5287; (concretely) a boy (as active), from the age of infancy to adolescence; by implication, a servant; also (by interch. of sex), a girl (of similar latitude in age):--babe, boy, child, damsel (from the margin), lad, servant, young (man). H5287

Use: TWOT-1389a Noun Masculine

Grk Strong: G1248 G1249 G2877 G3494 G3495 G3501 G3501 G3808 G3813 G3816 G3933

    1) a boy, lad, servant, youth, retainer
    1a) boy, lad, youth
    1b) servant, retainer