Word: O@V

Pronounce: tsone

Strong: H6629

Orig: or tsaown (Psalm 144:13) \i tseh-one'\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; from an unused root meaning to migrate; a collective name for a flock (of sheep or goats); also figuratively (of men):--(small) cattle, flock (+ -s), lamb (+ -s), sheep((-cote, -fold, -shearer, -herds)).

Use: TWOT-1864a Noun Feminine

Grk Strong: G286 G2934 G2992 G4168 G4262 G4263

    1) small cattle, sheep, sheep and goats, flock, flocks
    1a) small cattle (usually of sheep and goats)
    1b) of multitude (simile)
    1c) of multitude (metaphor)