Word: DVW

Pronounce: kaw-tseh'

Strong: H7097

Orig: or (negative only) qetseh \i kay'-tseh\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; from 7096; an extremity (used in a great variety of applications and idioms; compare 7093):--X after, border, brim, brink, edge, end, (in-)finite, frontier, outmost coast, quarter, shore, (out-)side, X some, ut(-ter-)most (part). H7096 H7093

Use: TWOT-2053a,2053c Noun Masculine

Grk Strong: G706

    1) end, extremity
    1a) end, mouth, extremity
    1b) border, outskirts
    1c) the whole (condensed term for what is included within extremities)
    1d) at the end of (a certain time)