Word: SVW

Pronounce: kaw-tsaf'

Strong: H7107

Orig: a primitive root; to crack off, i.e. (figuratively) burst out in rage:--(be) anger(-ry), displease, fret self, (provoke to) wrath (come), be wroth.

Use: TWOT-2058 Verb

Grk Strong: G2372 G2373 G3076 G3709 G3709 G3710 G3947 G3949 G4087

    1) to be displeased, be angry, fret oneself, be wroth
    1a) (Qal) to be wroth, to be full of wrath, to be furious
    1b) (Hiphil) to provoke to wrath or anger
    1c) (Hithpael) to put oneself in a rage, anger oneself