Word: AXW

Pronounce: keh'-reb

Strong: H7130

Orig: from 7126; properly, the nearest part, i.e. the center, whether literal, figurative or adverbial (especially with preposition):--X among, X before, bowels, X unto charge, + eat (up), X heart, X him, X in, inward (X -ly, part, -s, thought), midst, + out of, purtenance, X therein, X through, X within self. H7126

Use: TWOT-2066a Noun Masculine

Grk Strong: G1064 G1271 G1793 G2588 G2836 G3319 G3918

    1) midst, among, inner part, middle
    1a) inward part
    1a1) physical sense
    1a2) as seat of thought and emotion
    1a3) as faculty of thought and emotion
    1b) in the midst, among, from among (of a number of persons)
    1c) entrails (of sacrificial animals)