Word: WEGX

Pronounce: raw-khoke'

Strong: H7350

Orig: or rachoq \i raw-khoke'\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; from 7368; remote, literally or figuratively, of place or time; specifically, precious; often used adverbially (with preposition):--(a-)far (abroad, off), long ago, of old, space, great while to come. H7368

Use: TWOT-2151b

Grk Strong: G566 G567 G568 G744 G746 G3112 G3112 G3113 G3113 G3117 G3117 G3117 G3819 G4206 G4207 G4207 G4208 G5093

    1) remote, far, distant, distant lands, distant ones
    1a) of distance, time

    n m
    2) distance
    2a) from a distance (with prep)