Word: DY@

Pronounce: ish-shaw'

Strong: H802

Orig: feminine of 376 or 582; irregular plural, nashiym \i naw-sheem'\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; a woman (used in the same wide sense as 582):--(adulter)ess, each, every, female, X many, + none, one, + together, wife, woman. Often unexpressed in English. H376 H582 H582

Use: TWOT-137a Noun Feminine

Grk Strong: G1134 G1135 G2233 G2338 G2364 G2877 G3384

    1) woman, wife, female
    1a) woman (opposite of man)
    1b) wife (woman married to a man)
    1c) female (of animals)
    1d) each, every (pronoun)