Word: LENZ

Pronounce: tem-ole'

Strong: H8543

Orig: or tmol \i tem-ole'\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; probably for 865; properly, ago, i.e. a (short or long) time since; especially yesterday, or (with 8032) day before yesterday:--+ before (-time), + these (three) days, + heretofore, + time past, yesterday. H865 H8032

Use: TWOT-2521 Adverb

Grk Strong: G1538 G2250 G5504

    1) before, before that time, beforetime, heretofore, of late, of old, these days, time(s) past, yesterday, day before yesterday, recently, formerly
    1a) yesterday
    1a1) recently, formerly (usual usage) (fig)
    1b) as formerly, so more recently
    1c) from yesterday, already