Word: diaskorpizw

Pronounce: dee-as-kor-pid'-zo

Strongs Number: G1287

Orig: from 1223 and 4650; to dissipate, i.e. (genitive case) to rout or separate; specially, to winnow; figuratively, to squander:--disperse, scatter (abroad), strew, waste. G1223

Use: TDNT-7:418,1048 Verb

Heb Strong: H921 H962 H967 H2219 H2236 H5080 H5128 H5287 H5310 H6327 H6340 H6504

    1) to scatter abroad, disperse, to winnow
    1a) to throw the grain a considerable distance, or up into the air, that it may be separated from the chaff
    1b) to gather the wheat, freed from the chaff into the granary
    1c) to winnow grain