Word: diastellomai

Pronounce: dee-as-tel'-lom-ahee

Strongs Number: G1291

Orig: middle voice from 1223 and 4724; to set (oneself) apart (figuratively, distinguish), i.e. (by implication) to enjoin:--charge, that which was (give) commanded(-ment). G1223

Use: TDNT-7:591,* Verb

Heb Strong: H914 H931 H1494 H1605 H2095 H2505 H3045 H5344 H5493 H6381 H6475 H6504 H6544 H6544 H6555 H6566 H6942 H7121 H7136 H7429 H7760

    1) to draw asunder, divide, distinguish, dispose, order
    2) to open one's self i.e. one's mind, to set forth distinctly
    3) to admonish, order, charge