Word: dikaiwma

Pronounce: dik-ah'-yo-mah

Strongs Number: G1345

Orig: from 1344; an equitable deed; by implication, a statute or decision:--judgment, justification, ordinance, righteousness. G1344

Use: TDNT-2:219,168 Noun Neuter

Heb Strong: H1870 H2706 H4687 H4941 H6490 H6666 H6699 H7379

    1) that which has been deemed right so as to have force of law
    1a) what has been established, and ordained by law, an ordinance
    1b) a judicial decision, sentence
    1b1) of God
    1b1a) either the favourable judgment by which he acquits man and declares them acceptable to Him
    1b1b) unfavourable: sentence of condemnation
    2) a righteous act or deed