Word: dunamai

Pronounce: doo'-nam-ahee

Strongs Number: G1410

Orig: of uncertain affinity; to be able or possible:--be able, can (do, + -not), could, may, might, be possible, be of power.

Use: TDNT-2:284,186 Verb

Heb Strong: H1368 {\up\ul\f3\fs14\cf14}\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 H2308 H2428 H2973 {\up\ul\f3\fs14\cf14}\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 H3254 H3546 H3557 H3615 H3811 H3985 H4672 H6113

    1) to be able, have power whether by virtue of one's own ability and resources, or of a state of mind, or through favourable circumstances, or by permission of law or custom
    2) to be able to do something
    3) to be capable, strong and powerful