Word: ekzhtew

Pronounce: ek-zay-teh'-o

Strongs Number: G1567

Orig: from 1537 and 2212; to search out, i.e. (figuratively)investigate, crave, demand, (by Hebraism) worship:--en- (re-)quire, seek after (carefully, diligently). G1537

Use: TDNT-2:894,300 Verb

Heb Strong: H1239 H1245 H1875 H2076 H2470 H2713 H3423 H5027 H5341 H5352 H5367 H6485

    1) to seek out, search for
    2) to seek out, i.e. investigate, scrutinise
    3) to seek out for one's self, beg, crave
    4) to demand back, require