Word: ekluw

Pronounce: ek-loo'-o

Strongs Number: G1590

Orig: from 1537 and 3089; to relax (literally or figuratively):--faint. G1537

Use: Verb

Heb Strong: H1350 H1540 H2198 H3287 H3306 H3811 H4102 H5774 H5848 H5969 H6296 H6339 H6561 H6605 H6973 H7401 H7503 H8074 H8210

    1) to loose, unloose, to set free
    2) to dissolve, metaph., to weaken, relax, exhaust
    2a) to have one's strength relaxed, to be enfeebled through exhaustion, to grow weak, grow weary, be tired out
    2b) to despond, become faint hearted