Word: epairw

Pronounce: ep-ahee'-ro

Strongs Number: G1869

Orig: from 1909 and 142; to raise up (literally or figuratively):--exalt self, poise (lift, take) up. G1909

Use: TDNT-1:186,28 Verb

Heb Strong: H1361 H1368 H1523 H1826 H2904 H4607 H4876 H5128 H5130 H5186 H5187 H5375 H5375 H5377 H5414 H5537 H5927 H6058 H6168 H7311 H8172

    1) to lift up, raise up, raise on high
    2) metaph. to be lifted up with pride, to exalt one's self