Word: epecw

Pronounce: ep-ekh'-o

Strongs Number: G1907

Orig: from 1909 and 2192; to hold upon, i.e. (by implication) to retain; (by extension) to detain; (with implication, of 3563) to pay attention to:--give (take) heed unto, hold forth, mark, stay. G1909 G3563

Use: Verb

Heb Strong: H995 H1214 H2308 H2342 H3176 H3811 H4513 H6113 H6960

    1) to have or hold upon, apply, to observe, attend to
    1a) to give attention to
    2) to hold towards, hold forth, present
    3) to check
    3a) delay, stop, stay