Word: epipiptw

Pronounce: ep-ee-pip'-to

Strongs Number: G1968

Orig: from 1909 and 4098; to embrace (with affection) or seize (with more or less violence; literally or figuratively):--fall into (on, upon) lie on, press upon. G1909

Use: Verb

Heb Strong: H1058 H2505 H4448 H5307 H5956

    1) to fall upon, to rush or press upon
    1a) to lie upon one
    1b) to fall into one's embrace
    1c) to fall back upon
    2) metaph.
    2a) to fall upon one i.e. to seize, take possession of him
    2a1) of the Holy Spirit, in his inspiration and impulse
    2a2) of reproaches cast upon one