Word: Ioudaj

Pronounce: ee-oo-das'

Strongs Number: G2455

Orig: of Hebrew origin H3063 ; Judas (i.e. Jehudah), the name of ten Israelites; also of the posterity of one of them and its region:--Juda(-h, -s); Jude. H3063

Use: Noun Masculine

Heb Strong: H3063

    Judah or Judas = "he shall be praised"

    1) the fourth son of Jacob
    2) an unknown ancestor of Christ
    3) a man surnamed the Galilean, who at the time of the census of Quirinus, excited the revolt in Galilee, Acts 5:37
    4) a certain Jew of Damascus, Acts 9:11
    5) a prophet surnamed Barsabas, of the church at Jerusalem, Acts 15:22,27,32
    6) the apostle, Jn 14:22, who was surnamed Lebbaeus or Thaddaeus, and according to opinion wrote the Epistle of Jude.
    7) the half-brother of Jesus, Mt. 13:55
    8) Judas Iscariot, the apostle who betrayed Jesus