Word: iscuj

Pronounce: is-khoos'

Strongs Number: G2479

Orig: from a derivative of is (force; compare eschon, a form of 2192); forcefulness (literally or figuratively):--ability, might(-ily), power, strength. G2192

Use: TDNT-3:397,378 Noun Feminine

Heb Strong: H47 H117 H553 H1116 H1347 H1369 H1396 H1396 H1433 H1627 H1679 H1935 H1952 H1975 H1995 H2388 H2388 H2428 H2634 H2981 H3581 H3966 H4637 H4937 H5794 H5797 H6109 H6260 H6780 H8409 H8454 H8633

    1) ability, force, strength, might
    For Synonyms see entry 5820