Word: kaqizw

Pronounce: kath-id'-zo

Strongs Number: G2523

Orig: another (active) form for 2516; to seat down, i.e. set (figuratively, appoint); intransitively, to sit (down); figuratively, to settle (hover, dwell):--continue, set, sit (down), tarry. G2516

Use: TDNT-3:440,386 Verb

Heb Strong: H935 H1481 H1961 H3427 H5117 H5307 H6296 H6696 H7392

    1) to make to sit down
    1a) to set, appoint, to confer a kingdom on one
    2) intransitively
    2a) to sit down
    2b) to sit
    2b1) to have fixed one's abode
    2b2) to sojourn, to settle, settle down