Word: katesqiw

Pronounce: kat-es-thee'-o

Strongs Number: G2719

Orig: from 2596 and 2068 (including its alternate); to eat down, i.e. devour (literally or figuratively):--devour. G2596

Use: Verb

Heb Strong: H398 H1104 H1197 H2628 H3615 H5375 H7921

    1) to consume by eating, to eat up, devour
    1a) of birds
    1b) of a dragon
    1c) of a man eating up the little book
    2) metaph.
    2a) to devour i.e. squander, waste: substance
    2b) to devour i.e. forcibly appropriate: widows' property
    2c) to strip one of his goods
    1c1) to ruin (by the infliction of injuries)
    2d) by fire, to devour i.e. to utterly consume, destroy
    2e) of the consumption of the strength of body and mind by strong emotions