Word: metewrizw

Pronounce: met-eh-o-rid'-zo

Strongs Number: G3349

Orig: from a compound of 3326 and a collateral form of 142 or perhaps rather 109 (compare "meteor"); to raise in mid-air, i.e. (figuratively) suspend (passively, fluctuate or be anxious):--be of doubtful mind. G3326 G109

Use: TDNT-4:630,* Verb

Heb Strong: H1361 H5375 H7311

    1) to rise up on high
    1a) to put a ship [out to sea] up upon the deep
    1b) to raise up fortifications
    2) metaph.
    2a) to lift up one's soul, raise his spirits
    2a1) to buoy up with hope
    2a2) to inflate with pride
    2a3) to be elated
    2a4) to take one airs, be puffed up with pride
    2b) by a metaphor taken from ships that are tossed about on the deep by winds and waves
    2b1) to cause one to waver or fluctuate in the mind
    2b2) to agitate or harass with cares
    2b3) to make anxious