Word: xulon

Pronounce: xoo'-lon

Strongs Number: G3586

Orig: from another form of the base of 3582; timber (as fuel or material); by implication, a stick, club or tree or other wooden article or substance:--staff, stocks, tree, wood. G3582

Use: TDNT-5:37,665 Noun Neuter

Heb Strong: H5097 H5465 H6086 H6763

    1) wood
    1a) that which is made of wood
    1a1) as a beam from which any one is suspended, a gibbet, a cross
    1a2) a log or timber with holes in which the feet, hands, neck of prisoners were inserted and fastened with thongs
    1a3) a fetter, or shackle for the feet
    1a4) a cudgel, stick, staff
    2) a tree