Word: paratiqhmi

Pronounce: par-at-ith'-ay-mee

Strongs Number: G3908

Orig: from 3844 and 5087; to place alongside, i.e. present (food, truth); by implication, to deposit (as a trust or for protection):--allege, commend, commit (the keeping of), put forth, set before. G3844

Use: TDNT-8:162,1176 Verb

Heb Strong: H3322 H3455 H3738 H5414 H6040 H6485 H7760

    1) to place beside or near or set before
    1a) food, i.e. food placed on a table
    1b) to set before (one) in teaching
    1c) to set forth (from one's self), to explain
    2) to place down (from one's self or for one's self) with any one
    2a) to deposit
    2b) to intrust, commit to one's charge