Word: pauw

Pronounce: pow'-o

Strongs Number: G3973

Orig: a primary verb ("pause"); to stop (transitively or intransitively), i.e. restrain, quit, desist, come to an end:--cease, leave, refrain.

Use: Verb

Heb Strong: H1826 H2308 H3615 H4185 H5162 H5314 H5341 H6113 H6148 {\up\ul\f3\fs14\cf14}\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 H7503 H7599 H7673 H7725 H8552

    1) to make to cease or desist
    2) to restrain a thing or person from something
    3) to cease, to leave off
    4) have got release from sin
    4a) no longer stirred by its incitements and seductions