Word: sperma

Pronounce: sper'-mah

Strongs Number: G4690

Orig: from 4687; something sown, i.e. seed (including the male "sperm"); by implication, offspring; specially, a remnant (figuratively, as if kept over for planting):--issue, seed. G4687

Use: TDNT-7:536,1065 Noun Neuter

Heb Strong: H319 H1121 H1320 H2233 H5209 H5220

    1) from which a plant germinates
    1a) the seed i.e. the grain or kernel which contains within itself the germ of the future plants
    1a1) of the grains or kernels sown
    1b) metaph. a seed i.e. a residue, or a few survivors reserved as the germ of the next generation (just as seed is kept from the harvest for the sowing)
    2) the semen virile
    2a) the product of this semen, seed, children, offspring, progeny
    2b) family, tribe, posterity
    2c) whatever possesses vital force or life giving power
    2c1) of divine energy of the Holy Spirit operating within the soul by which we are regenerated