Word: strathgoj

Pronounce: strat-ay-gos'

Strongs Number: G4755

Orig: from the base of 4756 and 71 or 2233; a general, i.e. (by implication or analogy) a (military) governor (praetor), the chief (praefect) of the (Levitical) temple-wardens:--captain, magistrate. G4756 G2233

Use: TDNT-7:701,1091 Noun Masculine

Heb Strong: H323 H4428 H5461 H5461 H5633 H8269

    1) the commander of an army
    2) in the NT a civic commander, a governor
    2a) the name the highest magistrate in the municipia or colonies; they had the power of administering justice in the less important cases
    2b) of civil magistrates
    3) captain of the temple, i.e. the commander of the Levites who kept guard in and around the temple