Word: sunistaw

Pronounce: soon-is-tah'-o

Strongs Number: G4921

Orig: or (strengthened) sunistano soon-is-tan'-o, or sunistemi soon-is'-tay-mee, from 4862 and 2476 (including its collateral forms); to set together, i.e. (by implication) to introduce (favorably), or (figuratively) to exhibit; intransitively, to stand near, or (figuratively) to constitute:--approve, commend, consist, make, stand (with). G4862

Use: TDNT-7:896,1120 Verb

Heb Strong: H631 H2856 H3369 H3559 H4723 H5647 H5975 H6485 H6680 H6950 H7971

    1) to place together, to set in the same place, to bring or band together
    1a) to stand with (or near)
    2) to set one with another
    2a) by way of presenting or introducing him
    2b) to comprehend
    3) to put together by way of composition or combination, to teach by combining and comparing
    3a) to show, prove, establish, exhibit
    4) to put together, unite parts into one whole
    4a) to be composed of, consist