Word: suntribw

Pronounce: soon-tree'-bo

Strongs Number: G4937

Orig: from 4862 and the base of 5147; to crush completely, i.e. to shatter (literally or figuratively):--break (in pieces), broken to shivers (+ -hearted), bruise. G4862

Use: TDNT-7:919,1124 Verb

Heb Strong: H1438 H1792 H2040 H2116 H2342 H2865 H2963 H3782 H3807 H5062 H5221 H5310 H6481 H6760 H7164 H7376 H7429 H7533 H7665 H7673 H7857 H8045 H8074 H8156 H8406

    1) break, to break in pieces, shiver
    2) to tread down
    2a) to put Satan under foot and (as a conqueror) trample on him
    2b) to break down, crush
    2b1) to tear one's body and shatter one's strength