Word: uyhloj

Pronounce: hoop-say-los'

Strongs Number: G5308

Orig: from 5311; lofty (in place or character):--high(-er, -ly) (esteemed). G5311

Use: Adjective

Heb Strong: H1116 H1343 H1361 H1364 H1433 H2388 H4060 H4175 H5186 H5375 H5797 H5945 H7311

    1) high, lofty
    1a) exalted on high
    1b) with an uplifted arm, i.e. with signal power
    2) metaph. eminent, exalted
    2a) in influence and honour
    2b) to set the mind on, to seek, high things (as honours and riches), to be aspiring