Word: fulassw

Pronounce: foo-las'-so

Strongs Number: G5442

Orig: probably from 5443 through the idea of isolation; to watch, i.e. be on guard (literally of figuratively); by implication, to preserve, obey, avoid:--beward, keep (self), observe, save. Compare 5083. G5443

Use: TDNT-9:236,1280 Verb

Heb Strong: H1961 H2095 H2421 H5341 H5425 H6113 H6213 H6487 H6822 H8085 H8104

    1) to guard
    1a) to watch, keep watch
    1b) to guard or watch, have an eye upon: lest he escape
    1c) to guard a person (or thing) that he may remain safe
    1c1) lest he suffer violence, be despoiled, etc. to protect
    1c2) to protect one from a person or thing
    1c3) to keep from being snatched away, preserve safe and unimpaired
    1c4) to guard from being lost or perishing
    1c5) to guard one's self from a thing
    1d) to guard i.e. care for, take care not to violate
    1d1) to observe
    2) to observe for one's self something to escape
    2a) to avoid, shun flee from
    2b) to guard for one's self (i.e. for one's safety's sake) so as not to violate, i.e. to keep, observe (the precepts of the Mosaic law)

    For Synonyms see entry G5874