Strongs Number: G5837



Heb Strong:

    See Definition for dokeo G5316 Compare: G1380 , G5316 G1380 - refers to the subjective judgment, which may or may not conform to the fact G5316 - refers to the actual external appearance, generally correct, but possibly deceptive
    Compare: G1380 , G2233 (2), G3543 (2), G3633
    G2233 and G3543 denote a belief resting not on one's inner feeling or sentiment, but on the due consideration of external grounds, and the weighing and comparing of facts. G1380 and G3633 on the other hand, describe a subjective judgment growing out of inclination or a view of facts in their relation to us. G2233 denotes a more deliberate and careful judgment than G3543 ; G3633 a subjective judgment which has feeling rather than thought (1380) for its ground.