Word: adikoj

Pronounce: ad'-ee-kos

Strongs Number: G94

Orig: from 1 (as a negative particle) and 1349; unjust; by extension wicked; by implication, treacherous; specially, heathen:--unjust, unrighteous. G1

Use: TDNT-1:149,22 Adjective

Heb Strong: H57 H205 H1697 H2555 H3891 H4820 H5039 H5759 H5766 H5766 H6233 H7423 H7451 H7561 H7563 H7701 H8267 H8414 H8419

    1) descriptive of one who violates or has violated justice
    1a) unjust
    1b) unrighteous, sinful
    1c) of one who deals fraudulently with others, deceitful