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    II Ezekiel is commissioned to prophesy to the Jewish captives, ver. 1-5. Is cautioned not to be afraid of them, ver. 6. Has words put into his mouth, signified by the vision of a roll, which he is ordered to eat, ver. 7-10.

    Verse 1. And - He that sat upon the throne, Jesus Christ. Son of man - A phrase which is ninety-five times, at least, used in this prophecy to keep him humble who had such great Revelations. Stand - Arise, fear not. And with this command God sent forth a power enabling him to rise and stand.

    Verse 2. The spirit - The same spirit which actuated the living creatures.

    Verse 5. Shall know - They that obey shall know by the good I will do them, those that will not, by the evil which I will bring upon them.

    Verse 6. Words - Accusations, threats, or whatever else a malicious heart can suggest to the tongue. Briars - Which usually run up among thorns, are a very fit emblem of the frowardness and keenness of sinners against God and his prophet. Scorpious - Malicious, revengeful men. They that will do any thing to purpose in the service of God, must not fear the faces of men.

    Verse 8. Hear - Obey. Open - This was done only in a vision.

    Verse 9. Roll - Their books were not like ours, but written in parchment and in the length of it, and so one piece fastened to another, 'till the whole would contain what was to be written, and then it was wrapped or rolled about a round piece of wood, fashioned for that purpose.

    Verse 10. And - The person, who held out his hand. Spread - Unrolled it. Within &c. - On both sides, on that side which was inward when rolled, and on that side also that was outward.


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