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    Zephaniah 3 - Haggai 2 >> - HELP - GR VIDEOS - GR YOUTUBE - TWITTER - SD1 YOUTUBE    

    I A reproof of the Jews for their delay in building, which had provoked God to punish them, ver. 1-11. The peoples return to the work, whom the prophet, in God's name, encourages therein, ver. 12-15.

    Verse 1. Son - Adoptive son to Shealtiel, being of the royal line, but by nature, son of Pedaiah. Governor - Appointed to this by the Persian king, over the remnant returned out of Babylon. Joshua - A type of the great deliverer; one Joshua leads them into Canaan, another restores the temple.

    Verse 4. Ceiled - Arched and richly adorned.

    Verse 6. Have not enough - But what you eat doth not nourish or satisfy you. Are not filled - Your water quenches not your thirst, your wine does not revive your spirit. None warm - You have no comfort therein. With holes - Loses all his labour.

    Verse 8. Take pleasure - I will accept your offerings, and hear your prayers. Glorified - Shew my majesty and account myself glorified by you also.

    Verse 9. Came to little - But it answered not the expectation. I did blow - I blasted it. Ye run - You with eagerness carry on your own particular buildings.

    Verse 10. Is stayed - God hath forbidden them, to drop down dew.

    Verse 11. Upon men - The very blood, and constitutions of men were changed, and many diseases afflicted them.

    Verse 13. In the Lord's message - ln the words of his master. The people - The whole assembly.

    Verse 14. The Lord of hosts - By which name he delights to be known among the returned captives; and it was a name best suited to their present state, compassed on all hands with enemies.


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