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    Jeremiah 52 - Lamentations 2 >> - HELP - GR VIDEOS - GR YOUTUBE - TWITTER - SD1 YOUTUBE    

    I Jeremiah laments the former excellency and present misery of Jerusalem for her sin, ver. 1-11. She complains of her grief, ver. 12-17. Confesses God's judgments to be righteous: and prays to him, ver. 18-22.

    Verse 1. A widow - She that had a king, or rather a God, that was an husband to her, now was forsaken of God, and her king taken from her.

    Verse 3. Because - Because of the servitude and oppression exercised among them: oppression by their rulers, and servitude more generally; keeping their servants beyond the year of jubilee, when they ought to be set at liberty. The straits - Those that pursued them overtook them in places where they could not escape.

    Verse 4. She - Persons of all ages and ranks are in bitterness.

    Verse 10. Pleasant things - Has laid violent hands on them. The things of the sanctuary were always pleasant things to those that feared God.

    Verse 11. Bread - Even in a land that ordinarily flowed with milk and honey, they were at a loss for bread to eat. Given - And gave any thing for something to satisfy their hunger. Vile - Miserable or contemptible.

    Verse 12. Is it nothing - The prophet speaks in the name of the Jewish church.

    Verse 13. Fire - A judgment as consuming, and afflictive as fire.

    Verse 14. Is bound - Put upon my neck on account of my transgressions. Wreathed - My punishments are twisted as cords; I have a complication of judgments upon me, sword, famine, pestilence, captivity.

    Verse 15. An assembly - God had called an assembly of Chaldeans against the city, to crush the inhabitants of it. Trodden - God had trodden upon the Jews as men use to stamp grapes in a wine- press.

    Verse 16. The comforter - God.

    Verse 17. Jerusalem - Is become loathsome and filthy.

    Verse 19. Deceived - They did not answer my expectation.

    Verse 20. Death - By famine and pestilence.

    Verse 21. They - The neighbouring nations. Like me - But thou hast foretold their destruction also, and hast by me proclaimed it: and thou shalt in that day bring them into as sad a condition as I am in now.


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