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    NOTES - PSALMS 107

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    PS 107 The psalmist here observes God's providential care of the children of men in general, and shews how he helps those that are in any distress, in answer to their prayers. He instances in banishment and dispersion, ver. 1-9. Captivity and imprisonment, ver. 10-16. Sickness, ver. 17-22. Distress at sea, ver. 23-32. The disposal of families and nations, ver. 33-13

    Verse 3. Gathered - Into their own land.

    Verse 4. No city - Or rather, no town inhabited, where they might refresh themselves.

    Verse 6. The Lord - Hebrew. Unto Jehovah, to the true God. For the Heathens had, many of them, some knowledge of the true God.

    Verse 7. Forth - Out of the wilderness.

    Verse 10. Darkness - In dark prisons or dungeons.

    Verse 12. Heart - The pride and obstinacy of their hearts. Fell - They fell into hopeless miseries.

    Verse 17. Afflicted - With sickness.

    Verse 20. Word - His command, or blessing.

    Verse 32. Exalt him - In public assemblies, and before all persons, as they have opportunity. Elders - The magistrates or rulers; let them not be ashamed nor afraid to speak of God's wonderful works, before the greatest of men.

    Verse 33. Rivers - Those grounds which are well watered, and therefore fruitful. And so the water-springs, here, and the standing water, ver. 35 are taken. Into - Into a dry ground, which is like a parched and barren wilderness.

    Verse 34. For - He doth not inflict these judgments without cause, but for the punishment of sin in some, and the prevention of it in others.

    Verse 35. Water - Into a well-watered and fruitful land.

    Verse 36. Hungry - Poor people who could not provide for themselves.

    Verse 39. They - These men, who when they are exalted by God, grow insolent and secure. Low - By God's just judgment.

    Verse 40. Contempt - Renders them despicable. Wander - Banishes them from their own courts and kingdoms, and forces them to flee into desolate wildernesses for shelter.


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