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    NOTES - PSALMS 109

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    PS 109 David complains of his enemies and appeals to God, ver. 1-5. Foretells their destruction, ver. 6-20. Prays that God would succor him in his low condition, ver. 21-29. Concludes with a joyful hope of deliverance, ver. 30,

    31 To the chief musician, A psalm of David.

    Verse 1. God - The author and matter of all my praises.

    Verse 4. Adversaries - They requite my love with enmity, as it is explained ver. 5.

    Verse 6. A wicked man - Who will rule him with rigor and cruelty. Satan - To accuse him; for this was the place and posture of accusers in the Jewish courts.

    Verse 7. Sin - Because it is not from his heart.

    Verse 10. Desolate places - Into which they are fled for fear and shame.

    Verse 11. Catch - Hebrew. ensnare, take away not only by oppression but also by cunning artificers. Stranger - Who hath no right to his goods.

    Verse 17. Delighted not - In desiring and promoting the welfare of others.

    Verse 18. Garment - Which a man wears constantly. Like water - Water in the cavity of the belly, between the bowels, is almost certain death. And oil soaking into any of the bones, will soon utterly destroy it.

    Verse 20. That speak evil against my soul - With design to take away my life.

    Verse 21. Is good - Above the mercy of all the creatures.

    Verse 23. When - Towards the evening, when the sun is setting. The locust - Which is easily driven away with every wind.


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