Word: carisma

Pronounce: khar'-is-mah

Strongs Number: G5486

Orig: from 5483; a (divine) gratuity, i.e. deliverance (from danger or passion); (specially), a (spiritual) endowment, i.e. (subjectively) religious qualification, or (objectively) miraculous faculty:--(free) gift. G5483

Use: TDNT-9:402,1298 Noun Neuter

Heb Strong:

    1) a favour with which one receives without any merit of his own
    2) the gift of divine grace
    3) the gift of faith, knowledge, holiness, virtue
    4) the economy of divine grace, by which the pardon of sin and eternal salvation is appointed to sinners in consideration of the merits of Christ laid hold of by faith
    5) grace or gifts denoting extraordinary powers, distinguishing certain Christians and enabling them to serve the church of Christ, the reception of which is due to the power of divine grace operating on their souls by the Holy Spirit